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Thread: Anyone picking up Rampage: Total Destruction?

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    Anyone picking up Rampage: Total Destruction?

    Rampage: Total Destruction is stomping into stores for Nintendo’s fantastic Wii™ today, Friday 9th February. George, Lizzie and Ralph, the original terror trio from Midway’s 1986 arcade classic, are back and bigger than ever. Nothing can stand in their way. No one can stop them!

    Forty massive unlockable monsters and seven quaking international cities is a recipe for rubble. Virtually everything in the Rampage: Total Destruction environments can be damaged, broken, and utterly destroyed – enough to put a smile on any (little) monster’s face. Aided by power-ups, all monsters can be upgraded throughout the course of a single-player campaign, whilst multiple players can either compete or cooperate as they lay entire cities to waste, crushing human resistance to a tasty pulp. (Burp).

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    I remember the original, played for hours and hours, one whole Sunday and the final city ends with a newpaper report! I was peeved even at aged 14!

    I don't think this is for me though, the gameplay is a bit limited since its just the same thing over and over...still its good to see a new game for the Wii.

    I am really waiting for SSX: Blur right now.

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    i dont really like the look of it all that much... never really got into the first one so would rather spend my money on a game i feel i would enjoy more like wario ware

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