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Thread: Sony Moments.

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    Sony Moments.

    Moments from gaming history that stand out in your mind, that you experienced on a Sony machine (of course), here’s a few that spring to mind. See if you can relate to these…

    Resident Evil - Playstation - The Dogs Jumping Through The Window.

    Everyone I’ve spoken to who owned a Playstation and played Resident Evil jumped at this bit – I jumped as well. You also jumped if you played it properly, volume up, lights down. It’s probably the stand out moment of the whole series, simply because 0.1 seconds before it happened, you didn’t really know what a survival horror game was, a few seconds later you did. The series has since gone from strength to strength, but this few seconds of adrenaline set the tone. Great stuff.

    Metal Gear Solid - Playstation – Solid Snake ‘Scubering’ Into The Docks

    The music, the atmosphere, you just sort of felt something pretty special was coming up – and it was. Great start to a great game, and while the series has lost its way since, this was a great start to what is, for most people, the start of the Metal Gear story.

    Tekken – Playstation – 2 Player Demo

    I had a Playstation, I had Battle Arena Toshinden, I was mildly pleased with it. Then I saw Tekken on some games review show (Games master still around then?) and it just raised the bar so much. The graphics were beyond anything I’d seen in the arcades, it was fast and brutal. Yoshimitsu was flying about all over the screen, Jack was throwing opponents 3 screens into the air… yeah, it was a real eye opener. And 1000 times as good as BAT.

    Final Fantasy VII – Playstation – Shinra President \ Opera

    Pretty much the whole game stands out really, from the brilliant intro to the million hit point Weapon battles, but for me the cut to the President sitting in his office, great score playing, just after the plate has fallen crushing a sector of the slums is the most memorable. It advances the plot, it looked amazing, and it really worked as a way of setting up the bad guys. Stand out moment from a stand out game.

    I’ll add more as they come to me. Add your own.
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    I think there is a far better moment in FFVII. I won't mention what exactly as it is quite a shock and if someone plans on going back and playing one of the greatest games of all time I don't want to spoil it. It made my wife cry.

    Thinking about it, FFVII is what i want from an online multiplayer. Not to be massively multiplayer, but for me and my mates to play in a small band in the kind of story that FFVII gave.
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    gotta agree with all of those stewart

    another moment for me was thinking just how realistic formula one was, i'll never forget my mate rob knocking for me saying he'd got a playstation and formula one for it, going round his house and instantly loving picking damon hill and driving round silverstone knowing straight away i had to get a sony playstation

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    i thought this was going to be "the definitive list of dumb stuff sony has done recently".

    but as it stands - why isnt Gran turismo on there, when youv just got it (the first one) and yor drooling at the stupid amount of cars.

    Air combat split-screen was great aswell
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