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Thread: HDTV, Internet and digital box? Need help.

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    HDTV, Internet and digital box? Need help.

    Hello everyone. I need help, Now its 3am in the morning but i couldn't sleep, I am confused.

    I recently bought a samsung 40'' HDTV with freeview. I have a 4m NTL(virgin) cable internet as well.

    We have a NTL digital box(samsung). On the back of the digital box, there is a ETHERNET plug. I was think if I connected it with internet cable then i can have the virgin tv and internet same time. But seems internet doesnt work.

    What can i do to make it work? Help pls. (I tried to wake up my bf to help me, but seems he get annoyed by me,. anyway, dont think he knows more than me)

    thank you
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