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Thread: Sharpe series on DVD & Amazon returns

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    Sharpe series on DVD & Amazon returns

    I'm considering getting the Sharpe series (14 epsiode set) on DVD from Amazon as my birthday prezzie to myself in a few weeks....


    a few people on the amazon UK reviews thing ay they had a couple of faulty DVDs in the set, which make me a bit worried. I was wondering if any of you had the series on DVD already and your opinions on

    a: were your disks good

    b: apparently theyve changed it to a slightly wdescreenesque format by cropping a bit - was it noticable and/or better?

    c: anyone got experience of Amazon returns on faulty goods?

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    C: Yes, they are very good for returns. Had to return a 32Mb MP3 player (they were brand new out at the time) and it had never been out the house, stopped working. And I got a refund.

    So, I cant quibble on that!

    And, let me know if the sets any good, might have to look into getting it for my dad/mom for a crimble prezzie. They are both Sharpe mad, both watch it on GoldTV when its on.

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