Hi All,

Twin tuner HDD recorders seem to be all over the place.

DVD recorders, with a HDD also seem to be pretty prevalent.

So, why can't I find a HDD, DVD and Twin digital tuners in the same box? It seems a logical enough progression. I'd like to record two things at once on the HDD most of the time, and occasionally record stuff to DVD to keep. And I only want one box under my telly, not two.

I've googled about and plenty of people seem to be asking the same question, so surely such a thing should exist by now? Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks - Andrew.

PS - There's a Sony (RDR HXD770) that comes tantalisingly close, but one tuner is analogue, and surely when recording to DVD or HDD, freeview makes so much more sense? (MPEG to MPEG is trivial, encoding analogue telly is a whole new can or worms).