Hi everyone

I'm planning to rebuild my aging Shuttle box with a new media server/viewer box. I'm planning a dual-core Atom mini ITX unit (based around this board... http://www.mini-itx.com/store/?c=53). Looking for low-wattage and low temp/noise for 24-7 usage and tat board seems perfect.

But since there's no expansion I was looking at sticking in a USB analogue/digital TV adaptor to record programs off Freeview.
So I get the box set up as a sort of PVR.

Just wondered if anyone's ever used one and has any recommendations?

With that mini ITX board though it's got a max power output of 90W through the peripherals and as I'll be running a slimline optical drive and 2.5" HDD in there I'm assuming I'll need to connect this to a powered USB hub.

Any comments/suggestions

Cheers, B