got me some Altec Lansing AHS-502's.....well...actually I got 4 pairs cos they were cheap from Micro Direct at £12 +VAT with boom mic, and adjustable voloume AND mic level on the cable control

So....what they like?

Well....they sound better than Plantronic's jobs, but they are SMALL on your ears...the pads are good but you cant get your ear in the squeeze...

After 2 hours it's pain , real pain. I have tested the top section, and frankly bent it backwards on 2 of the pairs and the pressure is now massively eased. They must be either spring stee or a plastic..but they didn't break

I shall try experienting with some foam and make some pads soon, maybe cover them in cotton or similar....

why bother? COs they're pretty good. They sound CACK in music....really flat and dull....but in a weird way, they totally suit gaming. Me and Rias have now used them for 6 hours each, online, and the sound quality for gaming, is superb. Bass is half decent for Anti Aircraft flack, high pitch is sharp. Mid range is dull dull dull....really bland and card board box sound....but in a WW2 plane, humming through the air, with wind noise, engine drone and gun fire they sound....frankly awesome for gaming.

Have tried Far Cry too.....very very good for that too....atmosphere is totaly uneffected by the flatness...its just MUSIC that suffers. The depth and shaprp pointy-ness of music is gone.

However....another plus point: the microhone. Very very god as a £10 boom mic that you can buy for gaming...foam covered to stop echo or breathing hiss, AND the ability to go High/Low/Mute in game on the cable control rather than go into the Voice Comms software.

The volume control is damn good too...but thats not a new thing. Beside, lots of us have a Volume on the Keyboard....but none the less...worth.

Cable is LONG enough....colour coded plugs for mic and volume, and for me, critical....the wiresboth go into one side

The Mic moves up and down out fo the way on a very good pivot, AND the boom mic is flexxy and bendy.

They look better than they feel tho....they LOOK ace...the feel.....painfull

However...cos I like to fiddle and I can get foam blocks, I think I shall replicate good qulaity cans by making large ear cushions and whacking them on....cos then they will be PERFECT for gaming.

Scores: Music....2/10....bloody awefull. Even low quality MP3 files sounded WORSE than before. Even low quality film sounds DIRE. Very suprised indeed by this. You can get really good Senns for £25 ish...get them for music.

Comfort: 5/10 for up to an hour IF you bend them out...for a LAN party 3/ WILL get sore ears. Of that I'm sure. Adapt them with foam pads...I'm gonna

Features: 8/10. Long cable, wire to one side, inline volume and mic control, superb Mic arm, adjustable and nicely put together.

Build Quality: 7/10 very good for such little money. Nice strength, well put together.

Gaming: 8/10 Bet your ass...these are fine and dandy.

If these were £30 I'd run away and cry....but for £14.10

I have to say , worth fiddling with