As mentioned in another thread, I'm now making sure I have backups of all my CDs as I'm concerned should any more become unreadable, and my intention is to burn them to DVDs.

While my current DVD player is a bit old to play MP3s (Toshiba SD-2109), the next one I buy would definitely have to support this format, so what's the best folder structure for the files?

Can they (in general) navigate sub-folders automatically, or do you need to put all the tracks at the root (or in one folder under it)?

Are there any special rules to follow when mastering these DVDs?
I'm thinking in terms of bitrates, naming standards, disc-at-once, etc...

I did a simple home-made compilation for my dad and put a load of his tracks at the root, but his player's UI seemed to truncate the track titles so if you use "Artist - Album - Track" as a naming convention then you're out of luck when it comes to playing them back!
Is this common, or are DVD players usually a bit better with this kind of thing?