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Thread: Help me find a couple of cds please

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    Help me find a couple of cds please

    I've been on ages tonight (as well as some high street music stores) trying to find these 2 cds but can't find them anywhere
    Mortal Sin - Mayhemic destruction
    the Mob - Tribes
    Mortal sin are a thrash metal band from the 80's round abot the 86-87 mark and I loved their music, I had this LP but flogged it off a few years ago when i bought a new hi fi with no turntable.Damn...
    The Mob were a strange punk band from the early 80's.I was in to these as well as Sub Hum Ans (can get hold of their cd's easily enough) they had class songs like witchunt and when doves cry.
    Anyone got ant of these guys stuff or can point me in the right direction.
    I got mortal sin lyrics but no cds.(try putting mortal sin and see the sh*te that it gives you.I'm no w**k*r lol.
    please help..
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    E-Mail them and you might get you a copy.

    $30 Vinal -

    Vinal Again - (might be out of date).... - Apparently for sale there £24.95 . Caution site hurts eyes after 1 minute of use.

    Looks like they have re-formed too has also got the vinal for £7.99 -

    Mob has a selection on Amazon -

    E-Mail this gut for a copy?

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