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Thread: Favourite Lists!

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    Favourite Lists!

    Right, we are nearly at the end of yet another year.

    This obviously means you have to start listing things, I want to know what your favourite songs released this year are, your top album, single and music video. Plus your favourite song/album OF ALL TIME.

    /me waits for a lengthy soul searching undecided reply from Zak.

    My favourite song this year is as yet undecided
    Album is the new REM "around the sun" I loved Automatic for the people and this new album is a nice move away from some of the older stuff whilst still sounding like REM.

    Video has to be the one to Eric Prydz's track, mainly for the cheesisness and only a small part for the scantily clad ladies

    My favourite song ever is Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits taken from the Alchemy tour.
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    Well my fave songs of the year are Vertigo - U2 and Duality - Slipknot.
    Not really sure about fave album.I THOUGHT it might be U2's new one but after listening to it alot I still only like vertigo so I'd say this was my most disapointing album of the year.
    Don't watch many music video's so I'll bypass that.
    Fave song of all time is.....The Trooper - Iron Maiden.Still gets my socks rocked after 21 years of abusing it..
    Fave album its a toughie between The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden and Ten - Pearl Jam. Today I'll say Beast but tomorrow i might say Ten.
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    I saw a list of the ten best rock songs of all time as voted by the viewers of some obscure TV channel. It was largely a load of old tripe, so I might start another thread about that at some point.

    Anyway: Fave song of the year: Somebody To Love by The Boogie Pimps. I know some people hate it, but IMO they took a tedious piece of 60's psychedelia and turned it into the funkiest piece of dance music I've heard in years. Expertly put together, and the bassline and drums totally whoop ass

    Album of the year: Keane: Hopes and Fears. Tempted to vote for Franz Ferdinand, but in the end the Keane album is less fun but much more moving.

    Video: Eric Prydz - Call on Me- by a country mile

    Favourite song of all time- probably She's A Lady by Pulp from the His 'n Hers album....which is my favourite album of all time. FWIW, it'd probably still be my favourite album even if it didn't have She's A Lady on it.

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    Fave song of the year - well my favourite song released this year is either Slipknot - duality or Machine Head - days turn blue to grey, but the most played song in the knoxeh household (except of course for the pearl jam my sister keeps listening to) is probably Slayer - Reign in blood, seen the metal gods themselves perform it twice this year and that album along with 'Tallica - Ride the lightning have been my soundtrack to summer this year.

    Album of the year is a tough one, what with Killswitch, velvet revolver, Breed77 and Machine Head all releasing albums along with loads of others I can't place atm so I'm gonna say its machine head atm unless I remember another album over the course of today.

    Favourite video, Slipknot - Vermillion, brilliant video and a brilliant song definatly one of the biggest singles of the year imo plus its nice to see some solo's creeping into their songs now.

    Favourite song of all time is stupidly hard, but if I could only hear one song for the rest of my existence it'd be one by metallica (live version of course)

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    Favorite album - gotta be A Perfect Circle aMotion (not - eMotive).

    Favorite songs (I guess there just from this year so ...) - Kosheen - Ages, Three Days Grace - Burn, Dillenger - Babys First Coffin, Skindred - Nobody, Porcupine Tree - Blackest Eyes, A Perfect Circle - Passive, Slipknot - Vermillion Pt1/2, Pain Of Salvation - Differentia, Prodigy - You will be under my wheels, Keane - Somewhere only we know, Scissor Sisters - Laura, SoulWax - eTalking, The RZA - Fatal, The Crystal Method - Weapons of mad distorsion

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    Favourite song of the year probably Snow Patrol - Spitting Games. Album Keane - Hopes And Fears.

    Song of all time, Stereophonics - Nothing Precious At All.

    Video is a toughie, I'll get back to you on that.

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