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Thread: Matrix Revolutions *Spoiler*

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    Matrix Revolutions *Spoiler*

    I wrote this out for a private forum and rather then post it in the open matrix thread (incase people do now want to know the plot)

    Here is my idiots guide (how i see it 30 mins after watching it).


    Okay, not a bad movie for the Cinema, though the SFX were just a little to heavy on the ground. Nothing like the turd I expected it to be via the stuff i read on the BBC.

    But then again I am a Geek and I even like (in that it is so bad) the Wing Commander movie, watched that on Tuesday on a Cable channel, but thats another story.

    So here is my short version i put together in the car trying to explain it to my Girlfriend in basic English.

    4 times Neo has lived (or a version of Neo) <is that right count?>

    Every time before he had rejoined the source in the second movie and not fallen in love. Zion is destroyed and started again with 8 people. (he made the logical choice)

    This time he fell in love, so in the second movie he made the illogical choice thus allowing the matrix to get out of sync and Smith his mirror image started smashing the asylum.

    This caused the ying-yang, order-disorder to become twisted with order talking over and destroying everything in the matirx to create a perfect order, hence the million odd Smiths in the final battle.

    The AI knew that Neo must rejoin the source as the order would soon spread to it and make everything "Smith" even the AI.

    *So why did the AI attack Neo when he was trying to reach the core city??* (GOD KNOWS!)

    Anyway so when Neo got to the core city it made a deal, you rejoin the source *die* and this time to try to create "balance" we will allow the humans to live and any humans who want to leave the matrix can do the same, not as Zion but as a new human civilization.

    In the final battle when Smith zapped neo, he knew he must die in order for the order - disorder to reunite and create balance. Hence destroying Smith and rebooting the Matrix.

    End of movie the Oracle now back as everything is reset says we will see him in the future, because like in the past he will be reborn when things start to lose balance in the matrix. The matrix is not perfect, as will Smith resurface (or new versions of both)

    As for the real world the Humans and AI will live as two civilisations, however the AI knows (when it says we are not human and will not go back on the deal) that the Humans some day will go back on it and start another war. A nice bit of dark thoughts on the human condition.

    Anyway that is my *30 mins from the movie has ended* view and how I explained it to my Korean better half. She said she understood!
    Anybody got a better theory? or point me in the direction of a good theory?

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    It attacked neo as he had an emp on the ship, that would have made a nice little mess if it had gone off in the machine city.

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    But does he beat teh baddies ?

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    Loyal’s explanations seems pretty good to me. BTW Neo is the sixth version of the anomaly.

    Just to add some points to Loyal’s explanations:

    Despite having millions of Agent Smiths only one Agent Smith fights Neo because he has taken over The Oracle and thus her powers. Agent Smith uses the Oracle’s powers and believes he has seen the end and the defeat of Neo. What Agent Smith does not know is that no one can see past a choice they do not understand, as the Oracle explains to Neo. Agent Smith does not understand Neo’s decision to fight on when defeat seems inevitable nor understand why Neo allows Agent Smith to destroy him.

    The Matrix is based on an equation which always tries to balance. When the massively powerful Neo is created the equation of the Matrix needs to balance itself, the balancing force is Agent Smith. Once Agent Smith destroyed Neo, Agent Smith was not longer needed as a balancing force, so he is also destroyed.

    They certainly left it open for a continuation of the story line. I think a prequel would be interesting. Although they have explained a lot of what would go in a prequel in those anime things they did.
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