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Thread: Need some help plz

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    Need some help plz

    Hey all, so I'm going to be building my first gaming pc, so I went on to Pcpartpicker and it said that my motherboard (MSI Z97 gaming 3) has onboard usb 3.0 header but my case (zalman z11) does not have front panel usb 3.0 ports. Will they still work together? I know that if the motherboard has 2.0 and the case has 3.0 it won't work, but will it work the other way around?

    EDIT: Also, all you people out there who build your own computer, what do you do about insurance if something goes wrong? do you fix it yourself? take it in and pay there? or go through a specific company and get like 3 years warranty?
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    Re: Need some help plz

    Not sure about the USB issue, but you there are adapters on amazon that plug in to the USB3 header on the MOBO and you then plug the USB2 cable in to it that goes to the front of the case.

    Not sure if you need it or not, on my setup the USB is out the back.

    When it comes to building PCs, think the last shop bought one I had was around the year 2001, have been building and gradually upgrading since then. In that time I have never needed insurance, failures of hardware have consisted of
    1. Unlocked and overclocked 9800AIW (released in 2004) died after 4 years of service, it just got replaced
    2. Blew up a PSU with a home built fan controller, cost about £50 for a replacement
    3. Had some RAM fail, replaced under warranty
    4. HD died, well out of warranty just replaced (data was backed up)

    If you buy from Scan they do sell build insurance, but as long as you take it steady there isn't a lot that can go wrong, main issue is out of the box failures that are covered by the standard warranty. You also get the advantage of buying parts with longer warranty's if you self build.

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