There is no Hexus News coverage of Spectre 3 and Spectre 4, why?

News broke 2 days ago and it's another nasty (ish) one that affects all CPUs:

It affects modern out-of-order execution processor cores from Intel, AMD, and Arm, as well as IBM's Power 8, Power 9, and System z CPUs. Bear in mind, Arm cores are used the world over in smartphones, tablets, and embedded electronics.

The fourth variant can be potentially exploited by script files running within a program – such as JavaScript on a webpage in a browser tab – to lift sensitive information out of other parts of the application – such as personal details from another tab.
It's already mitigated but they are turned off by default so for security you have to turn them on. AMD is lightly impacted but Intel said themselves that they say a 2-8% degradation depending on tasks, on top of the existing degradation by the Meltdown/Spectre patches.

I don't want to poke the lovely newswriters at Hexus, but a fake tweet gets a splashtop but critical security flaws are not?