Strawberry Sorbet

800g Fresh Strawberries ( approximately this is not a particularly fussy recipe)
1 cup orange juice ( I use Tropicana Sanguinello as it r0x0rs)
1 1/4 cups sugar
1/2 cup water
3 Tbsps Lemon juice
2 Tbsps Vodka


Put the Orange juice, water and sugar in a pot and bring slowly to the boil, boil the ensuing syrup lightly for a few minutes then let it cool.

Clean and top your strawberries then halve them.

Put the strawberries and 1/4 of the cooled orange syrup into a food mixer and blend until you have a liquidy consistency.

Add the rest of the syrup then the vodka and the lemon juice into the mixture and blend it all up again.

The vodka is only to stop the mixture from freezing completely and not for anything else, it keeps it smooth.

When all is mixed you want to put it in a tupperware tub or an old ice cream tub and whack it in the freezer.

When it is starting to freeze take it out and run a fork all through it to stop large ice crystals forming and do this at regular intervals until it is completely frozen or you can let it freeze then take it out of the tub and liquidise the frozen mixture then pop it back in the tub quickly and refreeze it.

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