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Thread: Yummy Chocolatey Biscuity Thingie (like brownie slices kinda)

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    Yummy Chocolatey Biscuity Thingie (like brownie slices kinda)

    VERY easy biscuity slices YUM

    Takes about hmmmm, 10mins...?
    Serves - however many you slice it up into... but maybe about 12 slices.

    Chocolate Powder (preferably cadbury's cocoa powder OR cadbury's drinking chocolate, although any other brands can be used)
    Golden Syrup
    Digestive biscuits (completely broken and mashed up into crumbs, you can do this before you start, but i do it during, i advise putting them in a plastic bag and bashing them with a rolling pin)

    Also need

    Large-ish saucepan
    wooden spoon
    table spoon
    casserole dish (without lid)


    1. Firstly put one average table spoon of marg into the pan, and melt it on a low heat using the wooden spoon.

    2. Once the marg has melted, put into the pan 3 average table spoons of the chocolate powder, then mix this in with the butter until it is a smooth mixture.

    3. Add 3 table spoons of golden syrup to the mixture, then mix this until the golden syrup becomes completely mixed in.

    4. Add the biscuit crumbs, you mix this for about 5-10 mins until its all evenly covered in the mixture, it should be quiet moist, not too dry...but if it is its ok.

    5. Pour this into the casserole dish and press it down lightly, then leave to set, you can put it in the fridge to set, but it will probably get too hard, so just on the sideboard is ok.

    5. Cut into slices and serve.

    its absolutely yum!!
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