I had posted this in Internet and networking then reliased it might be better here.

Ok guys i know not strictly a networking question but it is networking related, i have warcraft installed on my two machines and want to play over my lan, Running 2 desktops and a laptop in a workgroup all running winxp pro sp1 connected through a netgear 10/100 hub, now when i go to play against my brother i noticed that i get lag, this shouldn't happen over a lan so i did a bit of research with task manager and it turns out were playing each other over my internet connection, Adsl 512k pipex which i have shared between the three machines and the lan usage remains at 0% in the networking tab in task manager. i have zonealarm running and so if i block warcrafts internet access but allow it on the trusted it doesn’t work i am unable to see my brother or join any game he has created??

Any ideas appreciated