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Thread: Commandos 3 - Sound Issues

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    Commandos 3 - Sound Issues

    Hello Hexus Dudes!
    I know that many of you LOVE solving problems (several of you helped me sort out 'Black and White' a few months back), and i have a new one that I'd greatly appreciate if someone could suggest how to solve.

    Basically, I've had problems with the sound on Commandos 2 and 3. Commandos 2 i could live with - it was minor, and was solved mostly by simply turning the volume down a bit. However, Commandos 3 is in a legue of its own with how bad it is!

    The music playing in the background messes up every time i select a new option in the menu screen, but again I can live with it. But also, whenever the commandos have some in-game dialogue, the first 2 sentances come out fine but then the rest flies past really quickly, too fast to read. There are no settings controlling the speed of this dialogue text, and the only sound options are volume controls of Music, Sound Effects and Commando Voices.

    If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it. I've looked in the FAQ for commandos 3 and didn't find anything on sound issues, and the only FAQ for Commandos 2 i could find concerned gamesplay.

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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    Thats the official patch for it, may help some.

    Is there an option to set environmental sound etc ? If so I would try turning it off, also knock the sound down to 22Hz. Maybe worth trying a software mixer also if available.

    If all else fails get the latest drivers for the soundcard or try putting the soundcard into a different slot on the board and re-install its drivers after fully removing them. It may also be worth looking at Direct X sound options

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    Try that patch, also whats your set-up? I get no problems on my NF7-S, Sapphire 9800pro.

    You on a different board, Nvidia card? What drivers?

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