Where should I look to find a games server hosting package?

Right now I run a ut2k3 server - but that's through a sponsorship and it's for a website - not just me.

The deal right now is that we get a virtual server with shell access (linux of course) and so much bandwidth a month. It didn't come preinstalled with games, I did all the setting up (with a little help from the owner of the company to start with.)

So, all I want is the cheapest virtual server package (that will provide enough power for 1 game server - HL2 probably) with no real support - just the ability for me to get on and do it.

Ultimately I won't be funding this all by myself, so don't worry too much, lol.

edit: Oh yeah, also, I'm toying with the idea of building the server and having somebody host it - and I don't like the look of what jolt has to offer as you're paying for them to set stuff up for you.