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Thread: Resident Evil: Outbreak

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    Resident Evil: Outbreak

    The Resident Evil series has been so popular because of its action/puzzle style of gameplay. If you were looking for fast and frantic blasting, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Sure, you do get to shoot and club undead into submission, but all the games are much slower paced with a firm emphasis on puzzle solving. In the tradition of the series, Outbreak throws you right back into Racoon City, so it’s time to have a look and see what’s new in this latest outing into the butcher’s shop of zombie central.

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    Nice review David,
    I tried this game as I tend to follow the Resident Evil series.
    The UK version i tried had no multiplayer mode and I found the single player rather average, not bad, but not great either. I totally prefer the whole game as one long story which I enjoy every minute of finding out what happens next

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    Yes, Murph, but you got stuck on scenario 2 and immediately claimed there was a bug...
    As for my view, I rather enjoy it, even if normal is damn hard...

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