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Thread: XBOX 360 UK Review

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    XBOX 360 UK Review

    I swear, if we see just one more picture of the front of an Xbox 360, unless it’s got a naked and oiled Kiera Knightley dangling off it, I going to scream!

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    Spelling error on the last page of the article.

    Quote Originally Posted by HEXUS.Gaming
    So now we come to the two USB sockets. Now we covered streaming media over the network and what software you’d need earlier, but plugging in a USB device is a different kettle of fish. With the exception of files covered by DRM, rthe Xbox 360 will play music from most popular portable music players, including iPod and iPod Shuffle (you need a USB extension cable for the Shuffle though), Rios and pretty much all of Creative Labs MP3 players.
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