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Thread: Xbox Live Gamers - Riddle Me This!

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    Xbox Live Gamers - Riddle Me This!

    Well here's something you dont see everyday, or at least something that is rare enough for Microsoft to not comment about it on their website, and their forums being so inactive n all u dont get a reply for days.

    So here's my problem:
    Got an Xbox 360, sold it.
    Got a replacement Xbox cheaply off ebay purely because i had a xbox live account with 8 months left and still had splinter cell so wanted to use it up.

    The problem arises when i remember that i actually migrated this account to my xbox 360.
    I persume I can just go, Avccount recovery? Tried this, and so far no avail.
    I tried a few times but kept getting :
    "GamerTag Invalid or Supplied Credentials, Check and Try Again."
    Ive had to quit the recovery process to come back on here since i dont have a router.
    Going to have another stab at it now in about half an hour hopefully with some advice from u guys
    Well, there's hardly any advice to give, what i need to know is basically whether its possible or whether im trying to get blood from a stone?

    People with 360's can dual game with the same tag on their original xbox's but this xbox doesnt have the credentials/profile to auto logon with my tag, it needs to revive them and thats what doesnt seem to work. Of course I may just have mistyped something in which case ill be forever looking or else ringing Microsoft in the morning.
    Before i go running round like a headless chicken trying to figure this out, anyone got any ideas?

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    I remember I had to go to Account Recovery. Click on my previous gamertag and it just brought it over.

    Maybe it is worth a ring to the Xbox live support team.

    Hope you get it sorted

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    Got it going
    A lot of tinkering with information got me further to a "Tech Difficulties Try Later"
    So i left it an hour, tried again and ouilla - MurphmanL is now back on Live
    Thanks a lot for your help and encouragement!

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