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Thread: LMA Manager - Xbox 360 achievements rant

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    LMA Manager - Xbox 360 achievements rant

    I like the LMA manager games and I'm currently playing the latest one on the Xbox 360, but I'm annoyed about the achievement's list.

    I know it's only a small thing and doesn't distract from the gaming experience but every single one of the unlockable acheivement revolves around securing something which I'll probabaly never be able to do.

    It rewards those players who play as the top teams in the premiership rather than the smaller clubs. I play as Walsall who are probably never going to win the champions league, F.A cup, etc. I think Codemasters have been totally unrealistic with the achievements, they should have included ones such as 'win 5 games in a row' or 'win manager of the month'.

    Just a small thing but nevertheless annoying.

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    I sort of agree with this one....

    I have played a few seasons and won all the domestic cups as well as Europe, however it seems a bit of a con that the rest of the acheivements means I would have to change clubs and manage a "foriegn" team

    I prefer the acheivements from Football Manager 2006 however overall I would say that LMA is a much more better game (just)

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