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Thread: Dark Messiah - Best Game Ever??

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    Dark Messiah - Best Game Ever??

    Well, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic recently just opened the public beta multiplayer, and I have never played a game that had such an awesome fighting mechanic. It like revived the moments I had when I first played CS, Starcraft, etc..the classes are all fun to play, and I am just rocking with the Priestess. Who here agrees with me??

    And for those who don't have the open beta, well its free now, and you can get it here. You may have to register though.

    Here's a screenshot of what you can do in the game And it's not just heads you can chop off lol

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    Wrong forum, and your post is fanboyish to the max.

    After all don't rate a game as the best ever, when it isn't even released yet and not everyone likes RPGs, or indeed any genres.

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    Had the beta for a while now but only played it a once, there was a bit of lag and graphical glitches for me so I'm just waiting for release.

    I also have a spare multiplayer beta key if anyone wants it, I won a compo to get my first key and I got another when I pre-ordered it with play.

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    We've EXTENSIVELY covered Dark Messiah... and having had some hands-on time with it myself, it's not bad at all.

    The code I played was pre-optimization though, so yes, there were hugely long load times and the framerates were up and down in places.

    BUT... as a fan of Severance: Blade Of Darkenss, Dark Messiah is looking rather cool and maybe even a worthy successor to my favourite sword swinging advebturing game thing.
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    I really enjoyed the single player demo, but I'm still a bit unsure about how well swords and multiplayer go together - I just can't imagine it working that well.

    Still, I'll be picking up the game anyway so I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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