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    DS Lite


    In order to get the most out of my DS Lite I intend to purchase the following:

    • M3 Lite
    • Passcard 3
    • MiniSD Card

    I know very little about the M3 Lite and Passcard 3. I read a short review that seemed to suggest the M3 Lite and Passcard 3 unleash the true potential of the DS Lite.

    If I purchase the above will I be able to store all my DS Lite games on the MiniSD Card (size being the limiting factor), play movies, music, install home-brew applications and more?

    I've always admired the DS Lite but it seemed to be handicapped by Nintendo's firmware, is this how M3 Lite and Passcard 3 allow you to do the above, by flashing it's firmware?

    All you DS Lite heads, please advise.

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    No need to flash firmware if you have a passcard... only reason to do it is if you are trying to play sone "backup" games over wifi... which is very wrong and you must never do.

    I believe the M3 lite takes micro SD not mini SD so make sure you get the right type.

    Do some reading on other carts before you lay down the cash for an M3, reviews for others can be found on

    I have a supercard lite and it's great

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