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Thread: My video card order nightmare has ended!

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    My video card order nightmare has ended!

    Ok, so a month or two.. or was it 3.... well any way, a very long time ago I ordered a BFG 6800 ultra from Fry's outpost... But I found one here at Well, there site claimed it was in stock,so I cancled my order with the outpost and placed one with extream... only to recive a I'm sorry but that product is out of stock... bla bla bla email! So, I asked them when they would be in stock! I was told in 31 days! Ok, fine! So I waited... Well there site once agin claimed to have them in stock! So I emailed them agin and asked why mine was not shiped! Well, I got another were sorry we dont have them in stock, bla bla bla emails! So I asked them when there expecting them in stock, I was told in 15 days... well still didnt hapen! I then was told 15 more! Still no card! Finnaly today I went to there site and found out they also carry the eVGA version... So, I called there main office and tried to cancel my order, only to find out that they have no sales department for me to talk to! So I emailed them a copy of my order and asked them to cancel it! I told them I wished to instead order there eVGA version... Well, of to work I went! When I got home ( 10 mins ago ) I found a message on my awnsermachin... It was them calling to let me know my order shiped! Ok, fine... Thank god! So, I go and check my email and I recived this...

    "Hello, I was asked to forward this message to you regarding your order:

    Dear valued customer,

    First of all, I do apologize for the inconvenience. Due to 6800 Ultra video card you ordered won't be available anytime soon. Please understand, it is never our intension to such of long delay to create problem for both you and We've a new product in stock (eVGA 6800 Ultra 256MB) and we can offer to change, although we do apolozige for the delay and trouble it may caused. Thank you


    Danny Hua
    Customer Service Department
    Xtreme Gear"

    Then this...

    " Kirk Hsu

    Hello, we have received your order. Thank you for your purchase with Xtreme Gear. Unfortunately, the video card is on backorder. We are expecting a shipment in on 11.30. However, it is possible that we will receive the item in before that date, after which your order will be processed and shipped. The staff apologizes for the delay and inconvenience."

    Da wha... Then this!

    to me
    More options 8:07pm (3½ hours ago)
    Order# 963190

    Sales date: 11/05/04
    Salesman ID:
    Internet order#: 150501
    Expected ship date: 11/30/04
    Charge date: N/A

    ITEMS (note: B/O ETA = ETA of the backordered item)
    Item Description Qty B/O ETA
    --------------- ----------------------------------- ----- --------
    VC-129-101 EVGA GEFORCE 6800 ULTRA 256MB 1 10/29/04

    Warehouse: -
    Assembly: -
    QC: -

    Ship date: 11/05/04 Tracking#: 662090718302 Carrier: Fedex

    11.05.04: backorder"

    Notice its once agin listed as backorder! Ok, and now the final one I recived today!

    <> to me
    More options 8:16pm (3 hours ago)
    CUSTOMER SERVICE of XTREME GEAR sent JOSHUA STYER 1 FedEx Express Saver package(s).

    This shipment is scheduled to be sent on November 05, 2004.

    Reference information entered by the sender is 9631970.

    The tracking number is 6620690718302.

    To track the status of this shipment online, use the following:

    FedEx has not validated the authenticity of any email address."

    FINNALY! I will never do buisness with them agin!
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    Hmmmmmmmm if your lucky they might have made a mistake and send you 2

    Irc Channels To Join(Quakenet), #hexus.cs,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daymonkey
    Hmmmmmmmm if your lucky they might have made a mistake and send you 2

    More like they'll just bill me twice!

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