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Thread: New Drone and Unmanned model aircraft regulations in force

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    Re: New Drone and Unmanned model aircraft regulations in force

    Quote Originally Posted by Spreadie View Post
    For clarification, the DRES system launched 5th Nov, so registration is possible now but isn't actually in effect ore enforceable until 30th Nov.

    Noted, and agreed. I just didn't want to confuse the initial post. It was long enough already.
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    Re: New Drone and Unmanned model aircraft regulations in force

    As usual, we end up with a half baked implementation of something that is good in principle, but is just implemented badly. It seems to be a complete waste of time and public money.

    As Zak33 mentioned, this will cause all sensible owners to register, but those who are up to nefarious things anyway (or are just bad pilots) won't bother, and enforcing this is pretty close to impossible.
    Just more paperwork and a waste of my time imo. If I don't label my copter, how would anyone catch me? If i wanted to do something stupid like fly out of visual sight or near an airport, i'd just not label it and use an appropriate transmitter..

    Yes I will register before I fly anything above 250g, and yes i will go through the process and faff of labeling up my parts (which often get moved between my self built quads) etc, but I am not in any way happy about it.

    It would be nice if they could offer some incentive to registration - e.g. lift the very frustrating power limits in the UK for registered owners, and allow us some freedom - but sadly not.

    On the plus side my Mavic Mini when it arrives next week is only 249g, so no need to bother with any of this nonsense to fly that My most flown copter is my little Blade Nano CPX anyway and that most certainly isn't caught by this

    Quote Originally Posted by Saracen999 View Post
    Oh, and if you or anyone else does try to fly one of those really agile little beggars, remember modern radio transmitters are programmable. Learn that first, and program in 'modest' curves between control inputs on the radio, and response rates on the heli.

    You still have to learn how it reacts, but need reaction times about 20% of those you need in acrobatic mode. Then, as you get it, and gain control, adjust those curves and end-stops bit at a time. You can turn a relative tame "learner" chopper into that doped-up hummingbird, all by software changes. And for free.
    Yes this is good solid advice - my first "proper" heli was the nano CPX I mention above...a tiny little CP heli that acts like a wasp. My first flight I had the rates down really, really low and even then I coulnd't even take off. Several weeks later I had the rates up and doing circles...but had I tried it flight one without tweaking the rates? I'd have given up on day one.
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