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Thread: Help find a poem

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    Help find a poem

    I've googled for over 2 hours in all now, even gone to the library, and I still can't find the poem I'm looking for. I memorised it out of an American highschool literature textbook roughly 4 years ago, but have since sold the book. It's apparently called "The Storyteller" by Mark van Doren, but Google isn't helping in the least. As I recall, it goes something along the lines of:

    He talked, and as he talked
    wallpaper came alive
    Suddenly, ghosts walked,
    and four doors were five

    and maps had mouths
    Ships ran tackward
    in a great drowse

    Trains climbed trees
    and then slid back down
    Like the honey of bees
    on the cold brick town

    He had wakened the worm
    in the world's brain
    And nothing stood firm
    until morning again

    Of course, my memory could be rusty, but hopefully someone recognizes it. Anyone posting the poem or a link to where I can find it will receive a cookie and much thanks.

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    Uncultured bunch, the lot of you.

    The Storyteller by Mark van Doren

    He talked, and as he talked
    Wallpaper came alive;
    Suddenly ghosts walked,
    And four doors were five;

    Calenders ran backward,
    And maps had mouths;
    Ships went tackward
    In a great drowse;

    Trains climbed trees,
    And soon dripped down
    Like honey of bees
    On the cold brick town.

    He had wakened a worm
    In the world’s brain,
    And nothing stood firm
    Until day again.

    Edit: As to how I found it, I was telling a friend that I knew of a Google search that returned but a single result. So I go to Google to show him, put in "four doors were five" and get back two results, both blog entries. This was the second result.
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    That's a good poem

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