after i purchased my own psp from a ebay seller and received it very fast and was so pleased i decided to order another 2 as gifts because they arived so fast and give them away as presents for a couple of young cousins birthdays coming up and then i got an invoice in from fedex for £28 customs tax which i certainly never expected and soon made the psp more expensive to buy than over here

so i contacted the seller and told him not to bother sending the other two psp's as i wasnt prepared to pay anymore unexpected charges from customs but alas i had already paid the seller via a bank transfer which he requested to save money for me and him through paypal and ebay charges

i also got charged 14 quid for the privelage of sending him the money for 2 psps, but i never bothered about that as he had been so helpfull

and now theres no reply to any of my emails for days and he usually replies within half hour of any emails he said he would pay me the 300 back via paypal, which now means il lose money to paypal,

lesson from this is never deal without paypal unless you really trust them !