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    Post interesting reading

    found this earlier, and it interested me, so i thought i'd share...,2933,100664,00.html

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    Very interesting, but I think it only see's one side of the story. Not only are we seeing our co-workers as members of a 'class', we are seeing ourselves as one as well. This comes down to a Social science term called identity. Identity can be explained as peoples understanding of who they are and where they fit into society, and affects their relationships with other members of society. It represents both a conscious act, a decision to behave in a certain way, and unconscious attitudes towards oneself and others. We draw on many parts of our lives when forming our identity, from job, race, sexuality, etc, but in recent years there have been many social changes which have undermined areas of peoples identity. An example would be changing employment patterns. This has led to people reinforcing their identity from other parts of their lives. People now want to see themselves as part of a select group, different from all the other groups, to give that sense of belonging.

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