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Thread: online stock levels :(

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    Angry online stock levels :(

    ok not sure which section this is best in. but this week I shopped around for alot of other parts. I ended up paying the etc next day shipping and from two companies.

    now both had plenty of stock which is something that made me choose then over there competitors.

    3 days later still nothing!!!! and the stock levels still show plenty at there shops/warehouses. but when i email them they say they have no stock. sure took my money quick enough though

    THIS REALLY SUCKS T NUT!!. if these companies really want to piss its customers off they are going the right way about it.
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    Know exactly how you feel. An increasing ammount of companies seem to be using them as a way of encouraging you to use them, afterall if somewhere has a product in stock you are more likely to choose them over somewhere that won't immediately tell you their stock level. If the system is not going to be implimented properly it shouldn't be there at all. Far better for you to have to contact a company to find if a product is in stock, than for the site to tell you some random figure that has nothing to do with the actual amount of stock they have. As for your situation Scupa, give them hell and make sure they compensate you in some way. The least they can do is refund the extra paid for next day delivery.

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