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Thread: Gainward RMA -> COMPLETED

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    Talking Gainward RMA -> COMPLETED


    On the 21st October 2003, Andy from Gainward contacted me about RMA'ing my graphics card to them, becuase it had the capcitor problem that all early ti4200's had. It is known as the 'checkerboard' effect, as the screen goes pink, blue, and white (in little squares.)

    I sent my GF4 ti4200 64mb (3.3ns) Power pack card to the Germany head office in order to be replaced by another. Lots of people seemed to do it at the same as me.

    Today i got my card back! It is a GF4 ti4200 64mb (3.3ns) Golden Sample. Which is supposed to be a better card.

    So over 2 months later, and what do i think of Gainwards RMA?
    I find it to be good, because:
    1) They addmitted they had a problem with these cards, and allowed people to return them, probably at great expense
    2) When i contacted for an RMA, Andy was very helpful, i.e. getting me the number, and telling me what i had to do. (filling out forms etc)
    3) The actual RMA process did take 4-6 weeks, as i had been told.
    4) I recieved a better card than what i sent off, and not a fx5200 which i was worried i would get.

    Only downside i found was that there was not a lot of communication from many people i contacted in the company, if Andy had not taken resposibility i would still have a broken card.

    The reason for the card not arriving to me for over two months was not because Gainward hadnt shipped, UPS couldnt find my damn house, you would have thought they could use mutlimap..... They recieved the card on the 9th to the 11th of December.

    I would like to thank Gainward and especially Andy, and hope everyone who RMA'd there card has now got one back.

    Thanks very much

    p.s i havent had a chance to benchmark yet. Ill post results when i do.
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    nice one buddy, hurry up with the benchmarks, see if it is any better than your old card speedwise


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    I had exactly the same problem with a Ti4200 64mb about a year ago. I think the problem with these cards was the memory, not capacitors, although I'm not sure.

    Anyhow, I tried to RMA mine to Gainward UK,but they had stopped dealing with them and said that I had to go via the place I bought it from (Komplett). Komplett, RMA-ed it on my behalf and a couple of weeks later got a brand new Golden Sample 128mb ti 4200.

    Needless to say, I was also quite impressed.
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    Komplett's RMA service is great

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