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Thread: my 9600xt and Call of duty.

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    My recently bought 9600xt doesnt like call of duty. Game freezes. New drivers and a patch sorts it ... not sure if that has anything to do with the screen prob though

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    thanks for help

    okay seems i was just paranoid and that that the geforce aint runnin at all, my friend told me some motherboards automatically disbable the onboard when a agp card is put in,and as my bios option says agp/onboard im guesing this is the case. He also says that the difference between the total and available physical memory is windows xp runnin, this seems to be the case as the difference varies. Also i tried connecting my monitor to the onboard and no signal was seems i was just paranoid lol

    anyway the 9600xt is up and runnig (call of duty at highest aa and af settings at 1200x1000 odd ****in rockin) and is simply blinding.

    Oh yeah and the guy who told me to hit alt+return is a genius i never would have thought of that.

    thanks for all ur help

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    This may seem obvious, and maybe I missed it already, but are you sure you removed the drivers for the onboard GFX?

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