Hello all,
i am looking at buying my new computer soon as you may know from some of my topics dotted around the place.
i was wondering last night whether it is a good decision or not to get a 20"+ hd tv and play my ps3 and new pc (when its all decided and comes) through it on hd. I dont know much about computers hence my name but would be very greatfull if you took the time to help me out here. Currently i am looking at an Ati Hd3870 graphics card but swaying towards the new gs when other versions etc are about. Price wise for a hd tv to use my dad will most likely pay around £150 extra ontop of £160 i can pay for monitor/tv alone. If it is no use using a small hd tv for pc i will forget about the ps3 (most likely sell it to pay towards computer ) and get a decent tft monitor alone. Pm me please about the main rig spec and i look forward to reading your posts.