ok ive had this problem on and off for a while now and im shure its very simple to fix but im so stressed with it i cant think straight after having to format and reinstall on two of my pc,s yesterday due to a virus (up all night)

anyway the problem is this,i cant get my monitor to to accept that its "plug and play" when windows loads,it shows it as a "default monitor on a radeon 9800 pro" in display properties and i want it to show as a "plug and play monitor on a radeon 9800 pro",,the problem is that as a "default monitor" it is showing resolutions and refresh rates way above what my monitor is capable of eg (2048x1536 max with refresh rates upto 120mhz,which clearly isnt right on a 19" monitor) and i dont like it (i want it to show 1600x1200 @ 75mhz max for this monitor) which it does as plug and play but the only way i can get it as "plug and play" is to goto the "add new hardware" wizard which installs it as such,,but then if i reboot itle resort back to default monitor and once again shows resolutions and refresh rates way higher than my monitors capable of in display properties and i cant get my head round it.

ive tried uninstalling the monitor and "adding new hardware" which picks the monitor up as "plug and play" and sets the correct max resolution etc in display properties but once again as soon as i reboot it resorts back to a "default monitor",,i actually had it all running fine before the format as "plug and play" on my radeon card using cat 3.10,s but now im having a nightmare with it and my paience is wearing thin from lack of sleep and tedious reinstalls which kept me up through the night,,can some1 please gimme sum help with this?

anyway the monitor is a 19" flatscreen hyundai imagequest Q995 crt being driven by a radeon 9800 using official cat 3.10 drivers,is this a radeon driver issue?

thnx in advance.