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Thread: LG 1710B (for Trig)

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    Well I;ve got my 19" CRT on 1280x1024 atm, spose if its better than the CRT I mite get away with it...

    ordered it now so if its no good I'm gonna come and dry slap you

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    I am a slap free zone....

    its AWESOME

    and the weirdest thing in IL-2 is the following...

    at 1280x960 (yes I do mean that res) it looks good in game but the menu buttons are all fuzzy....(cos as Hex will no doubt tell us again, its not native resolution)

    BUT it looks FINE at both 1024x768 both in game AND in menu AND it looks good at 1152x864

    Now what kinda res is THAT?

    a damn sexy one as it goes...

    and Trig....oh the COLOURS Trig....

    you're gonna wet your pant on this purchase matey...have no doubt

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    Well I've already tried IL2 in 1280x960 and it looks nice but gets awful choppy at low level...
    CS was weird as well :S

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