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Thread: friend needs gfx cheap

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    Thumbs up friend needs gfx cheap

    hi all

    my friend wants to get a new gfx card to play games such as hl2 and mabye farcry/doom3

    he has around 50-70 pounds to spend and requires an AGP graphics card

    currently im looking at nvidia 5700 or a 9600pro 256mb

    his main game he wants to play is half life 2 so ATI would be better

    if anyone can find a card that is in that price range at a good price, better than the ones i have posted i will be most grateful
    thanks very much hexus
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    If you're lucky, you might be able to get a second hand 9700 pro for ~£70.
    f not, get the 9600 pro 128mb - AFAIK there's no difference between that and the 256mb version.

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