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Thread: Good profiling apps for nvidia cards......

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    Question Good profiling apps for nvidia cards......

    which are the good profiling apps for nv based cards? for ati i would say that 3d prof was the best. it came with omega drivers. what i would like is a profiling utility which could change aa/af settings on the fly. 3d prof did it for me with my 9800pro but it doesnt work with my 6800gt. i sorely miss it. it was so simple. it also made a shortcut on the desktop to the profile and all i had to do was simply click on the link and the game would launch with the aa/af settings. it was so good that i did not look further for another utility. now i am in a spot of trouble. please help guys....

    and a thanx in advance to all those who help.....

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    If you mean profiles for different games so you can run them with your own settings, the nvidia drivers can do that for you.

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