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Thread: Dual monitor setup with gaming

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    Question Dual monitor setup with gaming

    My m8 woould like no know if its possible to use 2 montiors to run CSS and Romoe total war. For CSS he would like the score board on one monitor nd the game on the other and rome total war he would like 2 different veiws on each. His setup is as follows:

    >AMD fx 53
    >2 gig ram
    >nividia 6800 ultra twin dvi gainward 2600 goldensample agp
    >using 76.44 whql drivers at 1280 by 1024 (and dual monitor caperbility)
    >sony SDM-HS95p @ 60hz

    Cheers lads

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    Unless those games have those specific dual monitor abilities you cant do that.

    I dont actually know about either, but I much doubt you'll be able to do it.

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    You can make the Grapics card split the image. I have a 6600gt - Dual DVI I just use the second monitor (which is smaller) to display tepms and stuff.
    Few screens there ^

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