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Thread: Dell TFT too bright on DVI? (2405)

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    Dell TFT too bright on DVI? (2405)

    Need to turn the brightness right down?
    And still annoyed at not having a contrast control (when connected via DVI)?

    What you need is to calibrate the screen using a "spyder". But they're expensive, and you just blew all your dosh on that fancy TFT, didn't you?

    Why not just copy someone else's profile?
    You can download mine here.
    Copy it into C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color
    Go into Display Properties; Settings; Advanced; Color Management.
    Select my profile (Dell 2405FPW bright52.icm) as the default or use Add if it isn't listed. (The standard profile is "2405FPW")
    I had my brightness set to 52 for this profile, so try starting at 52 on yours and adjusting to taste.

    Normally it'd be really stupid to copy someone else's profile. But this makes a huge difference, and is consistent between my 2 screens. I think the standard profile is just rubbish(*), so why not give mine a try?

    You'll probably find colours are a lot more saturated yet natural, and you'll be able to see more detail in pictures.
    Could be the best 500 bytes you've ever downloaded.

    Might even work for other Dell TFTs? No harm in trying! Good luck.

    (*) I mean "too conservative".
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