This is something that is really bugging me but I've established the problem now, just looking for an answer!

Problem is that when running video players such as Windows Media Player or PowerDVD with my single 7800GTX connected to each 1920x1200 monitor via DVI with a Horizontal Span selected so that Windows thinks there is a single 3840x1200 monitor connected. Ok so with this, you can imagine I want to watch a DVD on uber wide mode, so naturally, double-click and then, I get half of the image as you would expect up on the left screen (Primary Display) but the right half just goes purple where it would otherwise be showing video.

So a lot of browsing led me to this nvidia release note for the 81.85 drivers which I am using:

Pages 24 and 25 as they are written in the corners of the pages pretty much say the following:

"With applications that render using the hardware overlay - such as DirectX applications - the default driver behaviour for Release 60 is to enable the hardware overlay when nView Clone or Span mode is enabled. ... Because the driver suports only one hardware overlay, the video appears on only one display."

Now what drives me crazy is that I can easily have two different videos showing full screen on each display, but not the same one over both. Does anybody know of a way around this, or any software that plays back video using something other than DirectX?

Thank you very much for your time, and in advance for any help!