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Thread: First time ATi owner - Advice please!

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    First time ATi owner - Advice please!


    Well - the title is a *little* fib, I have owned one ATi but it was DOA and I bought a GeForce Ti4600 (top card at the time ) instead. Now then... I have always had GeForces and have used Rivatuner etc but I have just ordered a GeCube Radeon X800GTO 128mb AGP card (Best card for the money that I could find - they overclock nice too!) and I dont really know what to use to overclock it! I have had mixed reports of ATi Tool but have heard good things about ATi Tray Tools (really dont know the difference) Basically I am jsut after a bit of advice on handly little app's that could help me overclock and possibly some modified drivers (If the Catalysts aint the best to get)



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    ATI tool has the best rputation, its artifat spotting seem,s to be the best selling point with overclocking, on the ocuk forums preetty much everyone has used it to overclock their GTO2s. REports about manufacturer bundled software isnt very good.

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    I found ATI Tray tools was better, has more features..
    And try the Omega Drivers over at

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