I've had my new (well refurbished) IBM (Lenovo) ThinkPad T20 for less than a week, and already its started dieing on me.

The screen was gorgeous, but then the brightness dropped out. I don't mean that the backlight is broken as it is still lit, however it isnt as bright as it should be. Colours look 'washed-out', white looks more grey than white. However if I pull the left side of the screen towards me slightly (but leave the right side alone) the brightness returns. Not such a big problem, but still irritating.

However the next time I turned it on, there is now a horizontal black line across the screen, about 2/3 of the way up. Now that is un-live-able-with.

I have already dismantled the entire machine, following IBMs hardware maintenance guide to the letter, & reseated all of the connectors & everything, however the problem still ensues.

I want to know whether I am looking at a problem with the actual panel itself, the cable, the inverter, the main board, or what?

This has really pi$$ed me off, because I bought it on ebay & therefore have no sort of warranty whatsoever - it would be cheaper to buy a new laptop than repair this one (I payed £220).

ANy help appreciated.