Hi all.
I've recently got hold of a Widescreen LCD HD ready LCD screen, and i want to use it as a secondary display. I have a Sparkle Nvidia 6600 card, and i have the screen connected to it via a DVI connection.
However i'm having trouble configuring the screen to it's full potential. I want to be able to play movies and games on the secondary panel.
I have set my configuration as Dual view, but currently it's recognizing my PC display as Display No. 2 and my Widescreen as No. 1. When i set the PC display as my primary display, it shows my left hand side on my PC display which is fine, but the task bar appears on the right in my Widescreen.
The display on the widescreen is stretched out, so how do i configure it so it displays at 16:9 aspect ratio?
Will I be able to play games like Pro Evo 5 in widescreen mode?

Thanks in advance.