I'm using an Nvidia FX5200 Ultra in one of my machines.

After I installed the latest 53.03 drivers I received an error message on boot (see pic below) saying I didn't have enough power for the card. This card requires a four pin Molex connector attached directly from the PSU for extra juice.

I only had a 300W Generic PSU powering the system so I thought fair enough and fitted an Antec Truepower 430W and gave the video card one loom of the PSU all to itself.

And still I get the same message - not enough power.

Rest of system:

Asrock K7VT4 motherboard
XP2400, running at stock speed
512Mb Twinmos PC2700
2 x IBM 20Gb HDD's
On board sound
On board LAN
Floppy Drive
4 x 80mm case fans, 3 of which are running off of the 'fans only' loom of the PSU
Zalman 92mm CPU cooler fan, connected to motherboard

Now, by my reckoning, the Antec 430W should be able to supply ample juice for that lot, so what's the deal?

To solve the problem I went back to Nvidia's 45.23 drivers - no warning pop-up.

Now, that may be like taking the bulb out of the dashboard display in your car if the oil warning light comes on, but at least that warning has gone away.

And the card is running fine on all apps, including games.

Anybody else had this?