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Thread: 7600GT AGP - spot the difference?

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    7600GT AGP - spot the difference?


    Does anyone own the Xpertvision 7600GT AGP? I’m asking as there seems to be a glut of them on e-bay at around the £70-80 price point. This seems to be quite cheap – I haven’t seen any other brands available at this price- apart from the Palit 7600GT on Scan, but I live in Northern Ireland so hefty delivery charges rules that route out.

    Every other 7600GT I’ve seen (Galaxy, Leadtek and XFX) are all over £100 – I’ve seen the XFX at around £120. I believe this is overclocked above Nvidia’s reference, but I don’t think that a bit of an overclock merits the price difference (I’d probably try and overclock the Xpertvision myself- but that’ll be a separate thread of n00bish questions). But maybe I’m wrong and there’s something obvious I haven’t noticed?

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    I don't own one but Palit/xpertvision are just about always the cheapest brand, I've read that it's because they're able to buy just the GPU on its own from nvidia and buy the ram separately, also all of their cards are custom designed to have just about the cheapest possible power supply parts, hence the long line of capacitors on their 7600GT.
    It doesnt really make a difference to the quality of the cards since the 7600GT is fairly low power anyway.

    In my opinion, around £80 for an AGP 7600GT is a bargain no matter what brand it is and you'll get far more bang for buck with one of the xpertvision cards than you would with a pre-overclocked one.

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    if you can get:

    the core speed
    the memory speed
    the memory type

    and it lines up with that of other manufacturers then go for it. i do remember xpertvision from somewhere tho, and i dont think it was favorable, but if you know the stuff mentioned above you will be fine

    forget overclocked boards. there for people that don't have a clue how to do it themselves and like BIG NUMBERS ON THERE BOXES (in general, gainward tend to give you something above the reference cooler for a not unfair price so they are ok )
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    Thanks for the advice. My 7600GT is (hopefully) winging it's way to me now!

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