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Thread: nVidia Driver woes, and stuck with safe mode!

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    nVidia Driver woes, and stuck with safe mode!


    Basically in a nutshell i have had a problem uninstalling nvidia drivers, and my last option now, apart from doing a full reformat, is to try and manually delete all the nvidia drivers from command prompt. Chances are this won't fix my problem, but i have nothing else to loose!

    Has anyone got, and i know this is a bit of an odd request, a complete list of files installed by the latest beta drivers for the 8800GTX in Vista32?

    Incase anyone else can provide any more light, here is my problem in more detail.

    After having huge problems with the driver not responding error in vista with the latest beta drivers, i decided to roll back to the latest stable release.
    I have had problems with not completely getting rid of drivers in the past, so i decided to follow the exact step by step procedure in DriverCleaner.

    I opened MSConfig and set it to safeboot like it said after i had gone to the vista equivelent of Add/Remove programs and got rid of the nvidia drivers in there.

    I hit Reboot now at the prompt of msconfig and then my pc just hangs on boot. If i get the list of files up it hangs after it loads crcdisk.sys.

    If anyone needs any diagnostics please feel free to ask, i'm on my laptop atm, completely unable to get into Windows on my main machine.

    System Restore checkpoints don't work, and neither did "Restore Last Known Config"

    Thanks in advance if anyone has any suggestions!

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    Try this download it removes awkward Nvdia drivers.

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