Hi everyone,

I have a spare Mini Mac enclosure with no internal components apart from the power button. I also have a spare IDE HDD and a IDE to USB adapter so i can make the case into a usb HDD enclosure.

I want to mount a 12v cathode tube inside the enclosure as well as a fan (which can take 4-15v) to cool the HDD. The PSU which attaches to the mains has a molex power connector on it which is supposed to go directly to the HDD. Instead i want to use a male to to 3x female molex connector at the end of this to power the HDD, tube and fan simultaniously.

Id also like to somehow mod this molex 3 way connector so that the 12v wire splits off and goes through the macs power button before conecting to all the devices. So, hopefully i can turn the HDD, fan and tube on together with the use of this button.

I dont need to use the 5v wire cause everything i have can handle 12v so is it possible to just disconnect the 5v wire on the molex and just pass thr 12v through the power button??

Im kinda way ahead of myself here but im hoping to sort of bodge my way through (i have a couple of rubbish 20gb 3.5 drives whch can be sacraficed)

does this make sense to anyone and is it possible??