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Thread: IE7 problem - please help?

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    IE7 problem - please help?

    Hi everybody,

    I'm new around here and am not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but was hoping somebody might be able to help me with Internet Explorer.

    I have this regular problem with IE where I click on a link and it refuses to display anything. Sometimes the page says "could not be displayed" and other times the page just goes blank (white) and the status bar at the bottom says "Done". I try refreshing, and even hitting my home button (which is Google) but it refuses to show anything. I then have to shut-down the PC, and start all over again, only to have the same problem a few minutes later.

    At first I thought maybe my broadband connection was being dropped, but when it happened earlier today, I tried opening my FTP programme, and it managed to connect to my website server just fine. I even managed to upload some files, so I don't think its a problem with the connection. I've spoken to BT and to my ISP, and they both assure me there is nothing wrong with the line or the connection. Could it be a problem with IE itself? I asked my brother who works in IT, and he said he's never come across a problem like this, and that when IE doesn't show a page (even something really simple like Google), its usually a problem with the connection, But if this was the case, surely my FTP programme wouldn't have been able to connect as well? Does anybody else have any ideas? Would really appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Welcome to Hexus and IE7 !!!
    It happens to me sometimes but IE can be a bit dodgy at the best of times so i usually close the link, try again and it usually works then !! Sorry its not a solution, i got used to it !!
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    Well what you've done and tried to connect to your FTP site is a good thing to test. It shows that you've still got connectivity. One thing i'd suggest doing to see if it is your IE install or something more sinister is install another web browser. I use firefox for my personal browsing but still require IE7 at work and have lots of issues with IE7. I've even got one of my machines where IE7 terminates and generates an error everytime i close it down.

    If another browser works when IE7 fails you, i'd suggest you move across to a new browser. If you like IE7 too much, at least you then know its truely IE7. If both web browsers fail to access two different websites at the same time it is likely to be showing up a ISP fault.


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    It could be one of many things, but it sounds like a name resolution problem. Try and use the command tool to resolve hostnames when your connection starts playing up.


    Actually TiG is probably right in suggesting try anther browser first .
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    Thanks everybody. That's really useful. Will try installing another browser. Quite like the idea of Firefox as well . . . .

    Really glad I found this place.


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    use firefox or others ie is quite gay coz if the page loads up till the almost end and one thing fails it doesnt display it and it wipes it off.

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