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Thread: webcam help

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    webcam help

    i have a mikomi webcam which picks up sound but when i try & have a video conversation i get a message saying usb bandwidth exceeded does anyone know what this means any help much appreciated

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    I have a MSI StarCam and in the driver option its got USB Bandwidth setting, goes from 1-10 with an option for auto (which seems to go for 7). If you set it to something low the framerate gets really slow, since you're reducing the priority/bandwidth. If there's anything like that in the settings to try that should do the job.

    Try connecting it to the main USB ports onboard (if you haven't already) rather than a front port/hub, and try removing any other usb devices you aren't using and see if it still happens. Or you could disable the USB ports you aren't using in device manager and see if you still get the same message.

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