Hello all.

I have the equipments below at home.

1. samsung 40" lcd tv (with 2scart connections, 2 HDMI connections, 1 optical connection)
2. Samsung dvd r-150 dvd recorder (with 2 scart connections)
3. Toshiba Dvd player with 1 scart connection
4 Sony DVD player with 2 scart connections
5. NTL cable box with 2 scart connections
6. Home Hifi Unit with surround sound has audio cables connection (red and white ones)

The problem I have are as follows:-

The picture quality on the LCD TV is very poor that when watching football, I am unable to read the names of the players unless the camera is close to a particular player.

Secondly, I connected the NTL cable box directly to the LCD TV and then connected the HIFI to the audio jack on the NTL box for surround effect. Here is a discrepancy as the audio coming out of the hifi unit seems a bit faster than that coming out of the LCD TV. This was not the case when I had my CRT TV.

Then while searching on the net for any sort of converter, I stumped on the product "Scart to HDMI Converter CS720PHD" from the company cypuk.com in the UK. (I live in the UK as well).

I spoke with their tech support yesterday and they confirmed that buying that converter with increase the resolution on the display to 720p although my LCD tv can handle upt o 1080p.

They said that the fizziness will disappear completely. The device costs beween 120- 180 pound sterling.

To this, I am also thinking of getting one of the scart adapters with many faces (so as to connect both DVDs, the NTL cable box and the VCR) and then connect it to the CS720PHD then from the CS720PHD to the LCD TV via the HDMI cable so as to be able to get the best picture quality from both DVDs, VCR and CableTV fro NTL (I need the Toshiba DVD as it plays VCDs. the Samsung DVD r-150 doesnt not play VCDs).

My first question now is will buying the CS720PHD be worth my while as I do not want to get sky HD just for the HDMI connection on it.

Lastly, will you be so kind as to tell me how to properly connect all the devices above according to the scart availabilty on them in order to get good sound and picture quality?
Thanking you already for all your suggestions.